Amanda Poppleton Ashe & Reese Ashe
34 & 35 years old
gym owners, personal trainers, group fitness instructors at Reflex Fitness
Reese, you talked about the importance of making people love what they're doing, even when they really hate it. How do you try and do that?
If you tell someone something in a certain way, you can convince them. I give them context on the workout, compare where they are now to where they were two weeks ago, or make them laugh. I keep it as light as I can.
Amanda, how do you balance having a full-time teaching position with Baltimore City Public Schools in addition to your work as an instructor in the gym?
The first couple of months it was pretty difficult working long hours, but doing both things was never overwhelming because it was two separate jobs. I always looked forward throughout the day to getting to the gym. It goes back to our drive: We believe what we do is amazing and want to share it, so we're willing to put in that extra time and energy.
healthy snack
Amanda: Salads with avocado
unhealthy snack
Amanda: extra cheese pizza; Reese: Chocolate chip cookies
Fitness motto
Reese: We tell our clients, “Believe in your brand.” Before opening the gym, I was terrified to do it and I tried to talk myself out of opening it. I try to work that into my clients' mindset — they have to believe that they can do it before they can achieve it.
Client Love
“The gym is a really positive environment, and especially for athletes, Reese goes the extra mile to find exercises that would work on muscles we use on the field. He jokes around with us to keep our spirits up and never lets anyone give up. We went into our season in late February and I was in the best shape of my life going into that season, thanks to Reese.”
- Tyler Barberi, 26, Fells Point, member of Baltimore Chesapeake Rugby Football Club
What was your proudest moment as an instructor?
Amanda: I'm so proud that Reese was able to get to this point. So many people will come up in the industry saying what they're going to accomplish, but Reese really made it happen. My proudest moment is probably opening the gym and having that together.
What keeps you motivated?
Reese: My wife! She's insane, an absolute beast. Everybody needs a coach and she's mine, she motivates me more than anybody can.
How is it working with your spouse?
Amanda: I definitely thought it would be challenging to work with my husband and train with him, but I've really enjoyed the entire experience. I learn from his strengths and he's always asking questions about my strengths. It's teamwork.
What makes your approach or technique successful?
Reese: It boils down to personality, I think. I kind of put my clients through [torture], but I have to figure out how to make them like me also.
What's the best advice for someone who wants to get into fitness?
Amanda: All of the effort that you put in, you'll get it back tenfold. You'll put in some work and see so many results: you'll be healthier, feel better, have more energy.