Guy Cragwell
41 years old
personal trainer, group fitness instructor at Federal Hill Fitness
You market yourself online as “That Trainer Guy.” How did that come about?
It's a little play off of my name. It's really to distinguish myself from other trainers, and it's kind of catchy. I do shirts and one says, “I love to hate my trainer.” Clients wear it while they're training and doing some hard stuff, and they'll just point to the shirt.
How did you get into healthy eating?
My parents are from Barbados, so they always cooked at home. I didn't eat in a restaurant until I was 16, I think. So I've always pretty much been a healthy eater.
gym/fitness activity
If I had to pick one thing, I'd say maybe a burpee. They challenge the whole body and everybody hates them, but it pushes people to their limits.
healthy snack
Cauliflower pizza
unhealthy snack
artist to listen to for motivation
Eminem's “Lose Yourself.”
Fitness motto
“Always challenge yourself.” That's definitely one of the keys.
Client Love
“A year and a couple months ago, I had a stroke, and being a generally healthy, active person, it really came out of nowhere. Guy wanted to visit me in the hospital, and worked with me as soon as I could get back into the gym. I was really intimidated, but he kept me motivated and personalized the workout so I would feel like I wasn't going too easy or pushing it too hard. As a trainer, it's amazing how he is able to find that balance between being your friend and also pushing you.”
- Tess Flohr, 33, Federal Hill
What makes your approach or technique successful?
I never give up on the client. I'm always sending texts, 'Hey, did you do this exercise today? Did you eat healthy?' That way, even if they come in once a week, they never go a whole week without hearing from me.
What's the best advice for someone who wants to get into fitness?
Start right away, don't wait for next week or a month from now.
What keeps you motivated?
My clients, for sure. When I come in it's a joy to see them, and when they hit their goals it's the best feeling in the world.