Camille Moses-Allen
32 years old
What keeps you motivated?
Having students that are interested in learning about yoga in general, and the practice as a whole — not just something that looks cool. I love the mental, mindful awareness aspect of the practice, and how those can apply to daily life outside of yoga just on the yoga mat.
Clients say they love the twists you incorporate in your classes. What do you think their benefit is?
Doing the same thing every time can be boring. Mixing it up keeps people interested so it stays exciting. It's more like life that way — you're not doing the same motions all the time in daily life.
healthy snack
I make a great green smoothie with ice, coconut water, spinach, banana, strawberry, chia seeds, maca powder, chlorophyll and a dollop of nut butter. Highly recommend it.
unhealthy snack
Frozen pizza
artist to listen to for motivation
I have so many yoga playlists! I like Brandi Carlile and Stevie Wonder.
cool down activity
I love the “legs up the wall pose.” It's pretty simple. You lay on the floor and put your legs up against the wall. Feels great.
Client Love
“Camille is extremely energetic and exactly herself in her class, which is great and refreshing. She creates equalizing moments with her members, so it's not a preachy mentality. It's 'we're all in this together' ... . She puts her heart and soul into the practices she puts together, and she's continually honing her craft to continue learning.”
- Brandy Washington, 32, Cockeysville
You've taught yoga classes for corporate America, military personnel, couples and students. Do you change anything in your approach with different audiences?
With the exception of children, I would say I don't change my approach anymore. I realized over time that yoga is yoga and there are aspects of the program that everyone can benefit from, no matter where I'm teaching.
What makes you approach or technique successful?
I'm myself when I'm teaching yoga. I had major knee surgery and even though it wasn't from an injury, I think a lot of people encounter obstacles in daily life that can alter a lifestyle. The fact that I've continued to get back up and still do everything shows members that I'm a normal person, too.