Brandie & Ben Stocks
23 & 24 years old
gym owners, personal trainers, group fitness instructors at Stocks Fitness and Performance
What keeps you motivated?
Ben: Seeing people change. We've become addicted to it. Helping other people has changed us.
Brandie: I like helping change the way that people feel about themselves. I was very overweight, so I've been there and know how they feel. I love being able to help people change.
What was your proudest moment as an intructor?
Ben: Really every day. There's a client who lost over 80 pounds with us, which is really inspiring. But smaller things are also great, when people make mental shifts, like people who never thought they'd work out coming in and really pushing themselves.
healthy snack
Both: Protein shakes
unhealthy snack
Brandie: Sweets; Ben: Pizza
artist to listen to for motivation
Ben: Laid back music, more mellow, life is crazy enough in general. [I'm a] Bob Marley fan.
cool down activity
Both: Massages
fitness motto
Ben: There's a saying written on our wall, “You don't get there by wishing,” which is a quote from Pete Maravich. In classes, we like to tell our clients “Lift each other up,” because it really stresses positivity. It's saying we want them to get strong and get healthy, so you can help other people.
Client Love
“Ben is very high-energy. He's like the energizer bunny. And Brandie has her own story. She can relate to the people working out and she's very empathetic. They care about clients' progress. It's not about the money. They'll come over and encourage you. It's just a great atmosphere. You have all different walks of life in their gym, working to achieve the same goal and get fitter.”
- Kristy Grzybowski, 46, Fallston
What makes your approach or technique successful?
Ben: It's not about counting hours and punching the clock — we want to work with the whole person. We're not trying to fit anyone into our mold; we're trying to help them get what they want out of it.
Did you guys meet in a fitness class or in the gym, by any chance?
Brandie: We actually met in an anatomy class in college [Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.] and started hanging out. Ben took me to the weight room and I'd been really into running before that. But his introduction to the gym and weights sort of changed everything. We went to the gym together and ended up falling in love.