Jason Williams
36 years old
personal trainer, wellness coach, large and small group fitness instructor at Maryland Athletic Club Harbor East
You call yourself a fitness philanthropist. What do you mean by that?
I host exercise fundraisers for various charities. Not only does it promote health and wellness, it also gives back to helping the charity, whatever it may be. It's like killing two birds with one stone, building two positive things in one.
“Frankie Fitness” is a children's book you wrote to get kids into health and fitness. Where did that idea come from?
I saw a need for kids' motivation in terms of health and wellness, because it leads to confidence and so much else. I thought a book would be a good way to motivate them and I included a storyline with exercises in the back that shows kids the simple things they can do, at home or with their parents.
healthy snack
Kind bars
unhealthy snack
artist to listen to for motivation
Anything upbeat is pretty good. I like Usher a lot.
Client Love
“When I was going down to Florida for a couple months, I told him, 'Oh my gosh, we've made such great progress. I want to keep up my workouts while I'm away,' and he found me a trainer online in Florida! He called them up to talk to them beforehand and explain what we'd been working on. How generous is that? When you're with him, it's sort of special. He makes you feel like you really matter.”
- Elise Rubenstein, 52, Baltimore
What keeps you motivated?
Seeing clients reach their goals. That helps me beyond business purposes. It makes me want to try new things and educate myself to learn more about fitness, health and wellness.
What makes your approach or technique successful?
I look at each person and what their goals are and what they personally need, then incorporate that into the workout so it's not just a one-stop shop.
Who is your own fitness hero?
Deion Sanders. I like that he is so versatile and can do multiple sports: football, baseball and basketball.