Our Guide to Baltimore's Cuisine Landscape       •       2014
#2 The Food Market
#2 The Food Market

The Food Market’s popularity, which is entirely deserved, showed no signs of fading in its second year of operation.

From the start, co-owners Chad Gauss, the executive chef, and Elan Kotz, the general manager, have operated their Hampden restaurant with the radical idea of pleasing the customer.

In practice, that means providing a fundamentally accessible menu — rack of lamb, steak frites and crab cakes — executing it consistently and well, and including just enough moments of culinary playfulness to hold the interest of a serious diner.

Also, The Food Market understands that the restaurant was invented because humans are naturally social. We like to be in one another’s company, and even to listen to the sound we make when we fill up a room with our voices.