Baltimore Restaurant Closures

This map will display closures by the Baltimore City Health Department. By default, the map will show all food closures from the most recent month that data is available. Select a time frame from the dropdown list, type a single-word search term or exact phrase, and click "Show Results". Click on any map point for more detail about that closure.

*Editor's Note

Map Key:
red icon = Closures due to violation
white icon = Closures outside of management's control

* Depending on the degree of risk for foodborne disease as determined by type of food prepared, preparation method and other criteria, restaurants, markets, caterers and bakeries can be inspected by the Health Department's Bureau of Food Control three or two times a year or once every two years. Mobile food vendors are inspected once a year. Inspectors also investigate complaints about an eatery. If a facility violates food safety regulations, it will receive a notice. Failure to comply will result in a suspension until the problems are corrected.