Black Guerrilla Family

The Black Guerrilla Family, led by Tavon White, established a lucrative business smuggling cell phones, drugs and prescription pills into the Baltimore City Detention Center aided by corrections officers, according to a federal indictment. Everyone listed in this interactive graphic has been charged in a federal racketeering case unsealed last week.
helped smuggle contraband -- including marijuana, prescription painkillers and tobacco -- into BCDC or provide it to inmates
had a sexual relationship with a corrections officer or inmate

YELLOW highlighting indicates link between defendants

Twenty-five Baltimore City Detention Center inmates and corrections officers and inmates' family and friends outside the jail have been indicted on charges including,

  • racketeering conspiracy
  • drug possession with intent to distribute
  • money laundering

Click on a name to find out how they fit into the alleged conspiracy.
Teshawn Pinder

age 24, of Baltimore

Pinder, inmate Jamar Anderson's girlfriend, allegedly picked up prescription pills outside the jail and delivered them to corrections officer Jennifer Owens, who in turn gave them to Tavon White.
Tyesha Mayo

age 29, of Baltimore

Mayo allegedly sold marijuana to Tavon White, which was to be picked up by Katera Stevenson for smuggling into BCDC. Mayo is also accused of laundering money for White by receiving Green Dot Visa card account numbers to be used in the purchase of contraband.
Tyrone Thompson a.k.a Henry

age 36, of Baltimore

Ralph Timmons allegedly purchased hundreds of dollars worth of prescription pills from Thompson, which were then smuggled to Tavon White inside BCDC by Jennifer Owens.
James Yarborough a.k.a J.Y.

age 26, of Baltimore

Yarborough is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute for his alleged role in the BGF smuggling ring.
Ralph Timmons, Jr. a.k.a Boosa (deceased)

age 34, of Baltimore

A former inmate and Tavon White's half-brother, Timmons was killed in April when several men broke into to his home and shot him and a young boy, according to police. Timmons was allegedly one of the main conduits for Tavon White as Timmons arranged transactions, met with suppliers and purchased vehicles on his behalf.
Antonia Allison

age 27, of Baltimore

In a series of phone calls intercepted by the FBI, Tavon White allegedly arranged for Allison and Katera Stevenson to obtain prescription pills and marijuana to smuggle into BCDC from Ralph Timmons. Allison allegedly gave White her Rush Visa card number and her social security number so that he could deposit money onto the card as payment for her role in the smuggling operation.
Ebonee Braswell

age 26, of Baltimore

Braswell allegedly smuggled contraband, including prescription pills, into the jail, according to conversations intercepted by the FBI and laid out in court documents.
Chania Brooks

age 27, of Baltimore

Corrections officer Brooks became pregnant allegedly with Tavon White's child while he was incarcerated at BCDC. She is also accused of smuggling prescription pills to White inside the jail. On December 31, 2012, she allegedly tipped off White about impending K-9 searches so that he and BGF members could hide or get rid of their contraband. White provided Brooks with an Acura he purchased with money earned from selling contraband inside the jail.
Kimberly Dennis

age 26, of Baltimore

Dennis allegedly had both a sexual and business relationship with Derius Duncan. According to court documents she frequently, if not daily, smuggled contraband into jail facilities with the intent to distribute it to inmates using Duncan as an intermediary. On at least one occassion she distributed prescription pills, marijuana and tobacco to an inmate named "Worm" who was later caught in possession of contraband.
Jasmin Jones a.k.a J.J.

age 24, of Baltimore

According to text messages intercepted by the FBI, Jones allegedly laundered money for Jamar Anderson by loading money onto a Green Dot Visa card. On one occasion in November 2012, Jones allegedly stood guard outside a closet so that Kimberly Dennis and Derius Duncan could have sex.
Taryn Kirkland

age 23, of Baltimore

During a cell phone call intercepted by the FBI, Kirkland spoke with fellow corrections officer Jennifer Owens about clearing the way at a screening checkpoint so that Tavon White could smuggle contraband. Kirkland also allegedly maintained a ledger of Steven Loney's drug customers' Green Dot Visa card account numbers and laundered money earned from the transactions.
Katrina LaPrade a.k.a Katrina Lyons

age 31, of Baltimore

Corrections officer LaPrade allegedly smuggled marijuana into BCDC for Steven Loney with the help of fellow officers Taryn Kirkland and Jasmine Thornton.
Tiffany Linder

age 27, of Baltimore

In January, corrections officer Linder passed on information to Tavon White about a scheduled search of two sections of the jail for contraband during a phone conversation, according to a federal indictment. In addition, Linder allegedly became pregnant with Tavon White's child while he was incarcerated at BCDC.
Vivian Matthews

age 25, of Essex

Ralph Timmons allegedly purchased prescription pills, including Xanax and Percoset, from Matthews on behalf of Tavon White.
Jennifer Owens a.k.a O and J.O.

age 31, of Randallstown

Owens and Tavon White have two children together that were allegedly conceived while White was incarcerated at BCDC. According to the federal indictment, Owens frequently met with Ralph Timmons (now deceased) to pick up contraband to smuggle to White. She also deposited money White earned selling contraband within the jail onto Green Dot prepaid Visa cards. In addition, Owens also allegedly purchased and used two Mercedes Benzes bought with White's contraband earnings to take money to his attorney and family members.
Adrena Rice

age 25, of Baltimore

Corrections officer Rice allegedly smuggled marijuana into BCDC for Tavon White. Katera Stevenson met with Ralph Timmons and Rice to pick up contraband, according a federal indictment.
Katera Stevenson a.k.a K.K.

age 24, of Baltimore

Corrections officer Stevenson allegedly became pregnant with Tavon White's child while he was incarcerated at BCDC. White allowed her to drive a white Mercedes Benz purchased with earnings from selling contraband in the jail. Stevenson smuggled contraband, including SIM cards and cell phones, for Tavon White and inmates Jermaine McFadden and Jamar Anderson.
Jasmine Thornton a.k.a J.T.

age 26, of Glen Burnie

Corrections officer Thornton allegedly smuggled contraband into the jail for many different inmates including BGF members. She also allegedly had a sexual relationship with with Jamar Anderson while he was incarcerated.
Jamar Anderson a.k.a Hammer and Hamma Head

age 26, of Baltimore

Inmate Anderson allegedly had a sexual relationship with corrections officer Jasmine Thornton. Anderson allegedly received contraband smuggled into BCDC from Thornton.
Derius Duncan

age 26, of Baltimore

Duncan allegedly served as a middle man for Kimberly Dennis' smuggling operation. Dennis would deliver contraband in person or through other inmates to Duncan, who would in turn sell the contraband to inmates, including BGF members.
Steven Loney a.k.a Stevie

age 24, of Baltimore

Loney allegedly worked with corrections officer Taryn Kirkland to launder money earned from his drug transactions with other inmates.
Kenneth Parham

age 23, of Baltimore

Parham, Tavon White's cellmate, allegedly arranged to have prescription pills acquired by Tyesha Mayo smuggled into BCDC on White's behalf.
Jermaine McFadden a.k.a Maine

age 24, of Baltimore

McFadden allegedly arranged for Katera Stevenson to smuggle a cell phone and tobacco into the jail.
Joseph Young a.k.a Monster

age 30, of Baltimore

Young is an active member of BGF with a leadership role within the gang at BCDC, according to the FBI's indictment. Young reportedly would assume White's No. 1 spot if he was ever transferred from BCDC. In a later phone coversation with Kimberly Dennis, Young spoke of an unnamed corrections lieutenant who agreed to let him sell contraband inside the jail if Young and BGF agreed to keep down the incidence of violence. Young also had an arrangement in which Dennis would bring him tobacco and marijuana to Derius Duncan.
T. Pinder
T. Mayo
T. Thompson
J. Yarborough
R. Timmons
A. Allison
E. Braswell
C. Brooks
K. Dennis
J. Jones
T. Kirkland
K. LaPrade
T. Linder
V. Matthews
J. Owens
A. Rice
K. Stevenson
J. Thornton
J. Anderson
D. Duncan
S. Loney
K. Parham
J. McFadden
J. Young
Black Guerrilla Family leader at Baltimore City
Detention Center