Domino Sugar sign photo contest results

Congratulations to first place winner Don Vetter and second place winner Captainstearns! See all entries here.

  1. FIRST PLACE: Don Vetter tugboat
  2. SECOND PLACE: captainstearns harvest moon

Runner ups

  1. scubadude913 reflection
  2. Kevin Moore lights with ritz
  3. mic-kuehne oriole bird
  4. jhardway blue angels
  5. debraces sunrise cloud masts
  6. wingnut225 tall ship
  7. Deborah Felmey - Lighting up the Harbor
  8. Gary Spielberg Johnson - Domino Sugars Sign

This contest was sponsored by Domino Sugar. Prize money was provided by Domino Sugar. Winners were selected by a panel of judges from Domino Sugar. See the full set of rules here.