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Our goal is to meet you where you are. A responsive website, iOS and Android apps, text alerts, and e-reader subscriptions, all detailed below, are some of the ways we try to do that. Send questions, comments or suggestions anytime to

Responsive website

Smartphones Tablets serves readers on smartphones and tablets as well as those on desktop and laptop computers. requires a compatible Web browser (the program you use to view Internet content). For more details, and for links to download compatible browsers, go to our info page.

Unlimited access to requires digitalPLUS. If you subscribe to the print edition seven days a week, digitalPLUS is included in your subscription at no extra charge. For help accessing digitalPLUS with an everyday print subscripion, see our FAQ.

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Native apps

Apple Watch extension

Apple Watch

The Baltimore Sun News Reader app for iOS works seamlessly with your Apple Watch to make staying informed easier than ever.

  • Get notifications.
  • Scan headlines.
  • Have Siri read stories to you now.
  • Save stories to read on your iPhone later.

Get the extension on an Apple Watch by pairing the watch with an iPhone 5 or above running iOS 8.2 or above that has the Baltimore Sun News Reader app.

News Reader for iOS and Android

iOS Android

The completely rebuilt Baltimore Sun News Reader app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets helps busy readers keep up with the news they care about most.

  • One-tap following: Create your own customized news feed by adding the topics that interest you to your Following list.
  • Save for later: Set aside must-read stories for when you have the time to enjoy them.
  • Progress report: Stories gray out after you read them, so you can easily tell what you've read and what you haven't.
  • Apple Watch extension (iPhone 5 and above): Get notifications, scan headlines, have Siri read stories to you now, and save stories to read on your iPhone later with the app's Apple Watch extension, which, once you download the app on your iPhone, will appear in your iPhone's Apple Watch app.

The app is free to download. All readers have unlimited access to non-premium content. Unlimited access to premium content (marked with blue plus icons) requires digitalPLUS, which is part of everyday print subscriptions, or an app-only subscription (iOS and Android access sold separately), available for purchase within the app.

Baltimore Baseball

iOS Android

Access award-winning Baltimore Orioles content from The Baltimore Sun — anytime, anywhere.

With the Baltimore Baseball app for iPhone or Android:

  • Get insight and analysis from Orioles Insider bloggers and Sun columnists.
  • Read game stories, optimized for your device, as soon they're posted.
  • View picture galleries of games, players and fans, along with images of Orioles legends from The Sun's archives.
  • Conveniently track player and media Twitter accounts and lists.

The app is $9.99 to download.

Baltimore Football

iOS Android

Access award-winning Baltimore Ravens content from The Baltimore Sun — anytime, anywhere.

With the Baltimore Football app for iPhone or Android:

  • Get insight and analysis from Ravens Insider bloggers and Sun columnists.
  • View picture galleries of the games, players and cheerleaders.
  • Conveniently track player and media Twitter accounts and lists.
  • Check "What They're Saying About the Ravens," news and commentary from around the Web.
  • Relive the past with game stories from previous seasons.
  • From the draft to training camp, the regular season to the playoffs, the Baltimore Football app is your front-row ticket to the Ravens.

The app is $9.99 to download.

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Text alerts

Any mobile phone

Sign up for Baltimore Sun Media Group text alerts to receive the latest news, anytime and anywhere.

News, weather, sports, dining and entertainment alerts — up to five a day from each category you sign up for — are available from The Baltimore Sun and our community publications.

Text alerts are complimentary, but message and data rates from your carrier may apply.

    The Baltimore Sun

  • Text NEWS to 70701 for local news*
  • Text BASEBALL to 70701 for Orioles news*
  • Text FOOTBALL to 70701 for Ravens news*
  • Text TERPS to 70701 for Terps news*
  • Text SPORTS to 70701 for local sports news*
  • Text BUSINESS to 70701 for business news*
  • Text DINER to 70701 for dining news and reviews*
  • Text MIDNIGHT to 70701 for nightlife and music news*
  • Text WEATHER to 70701 for weather*
  • Community newspapers

  • Text BALTCO to 70701 for Baltimore County alerts*
  • Text HARFORD to 70701 for Harford County alerts*
  • Text HOWARD to 70701 for Howard County alerts*
  • Subcribe by texting keyword from above to 70701

*Text STOP to cancel or text HELP for help or call 877-571-0774 for support. You may receive subsequent messages clarifying or confirming your STOP request. You will receive no more than 5 messages/day per alert list. Frequency may vary, based on breaking news events. Message and data rates may apply. For Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy:

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Digital Edition/e-Readers

Digital Edition

Various devices

Access each day's print edition on smartphones or tablets with the Digital Edition.

Virtually turn through the same content and layout seen in the morning paper. Read text straight from the print presentation or in a Web format.

Features include article, photograph and ad search; offline browsing; and an archive of recent issues.

The Digital Edition can be accessed on our Member Center through a print subscription or digitalPLUS.


Kindle Nook Reader

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader subscriptions deliver an e-reader version of each day's print edition to compatible devices and apps. Issues are automatically sent wirelessly each morning to your device or app.

Subscriptions cost $9.99 a month and come with a 14-day free trial. Single issues are also available.

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