Examining medical rejections at corrections facilities

Some people who are taken to jail get diverted to hospitals. This can happen for a variety of reasons -- everything from fainting or advanced pregnancy to physical trauma during the arrest process. The blocks below highlight a year of corrections intake rejections.

Use the dropdown menu to highlight common reasons for rejection, then click a block to see the details of that case. (Modern browser and javascript required.)

Highlight records containing one of the Top 10 common reasons for rejection:

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The top-10 dropdown above shows the items most frequently found as the main reason for medical rejection from booking. When designing this page, however, we chose to make the dropdown highlight any location where the problem was mentioned, since we believe that this will be of interest to Sun readers.

This page represents a one-year slice of data from a larger request made by a Sun reporter. In addition to trimming the time range to a year, The Sun applied extremely minimal, algorithmic changes using OpenRefine -- removing redundant spaces to allow analysis, for example.

To see the full data set, download the records in Excel format.