Jail assaults in Maryland

The number of assaults on both inmates and staff at the Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center increased in 2017. The table below shows jail assaults on inmates and staff at jails throughout Maryland in Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017.

Facility2016 staff2017 staff2016 inmates2017 inmates
Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center (BCBIC)5482196262
Baltimore City Correctional Center (BCCC)52147
Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC)7036174153
Brock Bridge Correctional Facility (BCF)19205347
Baltimore Pre-Release Unit (BPRU)6032
Chesapeake Detention Facility (CDF)7123137
Central Maryland Correctional Facility (CMCF)13132418
Dorsey Run Correctional Facility (DRCF)7104146
Eastern Correctional Institution (ECI)4122119100
Eastern Correctional Institution Annex (ECI-A)1198
Eastern Pre-Release Unit (EPRU)1042
Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI)52847570
Jessup Pre-Release Unit (JPRU)0000
MD Correctional Institution-Hagerstown (MCI-H)281713486
MD Correctional Institution-Jessup (MCI-J)23163421
MD Correctional Institution for Women (MCI-W)26171844
Maryland Correctional Training Center (MCTC)162881109
MD Reception Diagnostic & Class. Ctr. (MRDCC)78435666
Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)273461105
North Branch Correctional Institution (NBCI)36406661
Patuxent Institution (Patux)66536152
Poplar Hill Pre-Release Unit (PHPRU)0031
Roxbury Correctional Institution (RCI)2621101104
Southern Maryland Pre-Release Unit (SMPRU)4107
Western Correctional Institution (WCI)14117876

Source:Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services