Life expectancy in Maryland

While life expectancy has increased nationwide since 1980, there is still a persistent gap in life expectancy between Baltimore City and the rest of Maryland. A recent study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), a global health research center at the University of Washington, used death records and population counts from the U.S. Census Bureau to calculate life expectancy by county in the United States from 1980 through 2014. IHME’s research found that geographic disparities in life expectancy have grown in recent years.

These findings are especially evident in Maryland, where disparities in life expectancy between counties are greater today than they were 30 years ago. For example, the difference between the county in Maryland with the longest life expectancy, Howard (75 years), and the shortest, Baltimore city (68 years), was about seven years in 1980. But despite increasing average life expectancy in both counties since, the difference between them grew to about 10 years in 1990, with an average life expectancy of about 78 years in Howard County compared to 68 years in Baltimore City. In 2014, the latest year of data in the study, the difference in average life expectancy between Howard County (83 years) and Baltimore City (72 years) increased to about 11 years.

Explore within the map and timeline to find the yearly average life expectancy for every county in Maryland since 1980, while the line graph below will highlight how life expectancy has changed in that county over time, relative to other counties in Maryland.

Life expectancy
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Map version: 1.1.0 Copyright (c) 2014 Highsoft AS, Based on data from The United States Census Bureau 0 US.MD MD 2347579 South Atlantic US24 MD Maryland United States of America State South -77.0454 Maryland 39.3874 Maryland, US, United States State us-md MA United States of America 2 U.S.A. Northern America 23424977 North America USA US Americas North America us US 24047 Worcester 0.44 0.55 us-md-047 WO 24039 Somerset 0.61 0.34 us-md-039 SO 24037 St. Mary's 0.39 0.31 us-md-037 SM 24019 Dorchester 0.60 0.38 us-md-019 DO 24027 Howard 0.59 0.48 us-md-027 HO 24021 Frederick 0.53 0.49 us-md-021 FR 24031 Montgomery 0.54 0.55 us-md-031 MO 24023 Garrett 0.35 0.23 us-md-023 GA 24003 Anne Arundel 0.43 0.30 us-md-003 AA 24033 Prince George's 0.58 0.48 us-md-033 PG 24017 Charles 0.49 0.30 us-md-017 CH 24510 Baltimore 0.50 0.36 us-md-510 BA 24005 Baltimore 0.30 0.47 us-md-005 BA 24001 Allegany 0.57 0.30 us-md-001 AL 24043 Washington 0.67 0.24 us-md-043 WA 24035 Queen Anne's 0.60 0.44 us-md-035 QA 24041 Talbot 0.66 0.34 us-md-041 TA 24011 Caroline 0.57 0.56 us-md-011 CA 24045 Wicomico 0.51 0.60 us-md-045 WI 24013 Carroll 0.53 0.37 us-md-013 CA 24015 Cecil 0.67 0.24 us-md-015 CE 24029 Kent 0.32 0.33 us-md-029 KE 24009 Calvert 0.38 0.40 us-md-009 CA 24025 Harford 0.49 0.38 us-md-025 HA
Life expectancy:
1980 2014 67 83
SOURCE: The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington and the Department of Public Health at the Erasmus University Medical Center