Taser Incident

When a Taser is fired, the weapon records data on how long and how frequently the target is shocked. Taser warns not to activate the device longer than 15 seconds to reduce the risk of serious injury or death.

On Monday, Dec. 3, 2012, two Baltimore City officers responded to a burglary report, according to police. The officers saw the suspect, Travis Smith, removing his clothes and attempting to break into a home.

The suspect charged officers as they approached, prompting one officer to fire his Taser, police said. The suspect was able to remove the prongs and charged the officer again, prompting the officer to reload his Taser and fire again.

The following presentation uses audio.

This is a simulation of a Taser incident



0 / 22

Tased for:
0 / 68s

Total time:
0 / 206s*

This counter recreates the incident with Travis Smith using data gathered on the Taser.