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PlayerTeam Date Inn. Count Type Dist. (ft.) Field Opponent Home/Away Pitcher Outcome
Rafael Palmeiro Orioles Sep 08, 1996 8 0-1 Two-run 340 Right Detroit Tigers Home Joey Eischen Win
Todd Zeile Orioles Sep 14, 1996 7 0-1 Solo N/A Left Detroit Tigers Away John Cummings Win
Rafael Palmeiro Orioles Sep 25, 1996 1 0-1 Two-run N/A Right Boston Red Sox Away Tim Wakefield Win
Jeromy Burnitz Opponent Apr 11, 1996 9 0-1 Two-run N/A Right Cleveland Indians Home Arthur Rhodes Win
Chuck Knoblauch Opponent Apr 12, 1996 4 0-1 Solo N/A Right Minnesota Twins Home Mike Mussina Win
Albert Belle Opponent Apr 23, 1996 7 0-1 Three-run N/A N/A Cleveland Indians Away Mike Mussina Loss
Greg Vaughn Opponent May 05, 1996 5 0-1 Two-run N/A Left-center Milwaukee Brewers Home Jimmy Haynes Loss
Ernie Young Opponent May 13, 1996 8 0-1 Solo N/A Right-center Oakland Athletics Away Roger McDowell Win
Rex Hudler Opponent May 31, 1996 2 0-1 Three-run N/A Left Los Angeles Angels Away David Wells Loss
Danny Tartabull Opponent Jun 09, 1996 4 0-1 Two-run N/A Left-center Chicago White Sox Home Mike Mussina Loss
John Flaherty Opponent Jun 12, 1996 6 0-1 Solo N/A Left Detroit Tigers Away Scott Erickson Win
Dean Palmer Opponent Jun 20, 1996 1 0-1 Solo N/A Left Texas Rangers Home David Wells Win
Mike Stanley Opponent Jul 04, 1996 2 0-1 Solo N/A Left-center Boston Red Sox Home Mike Mussina Win
Jose Malave Opponent Jul 05, 1996 5 0-1 Three-run N/A Right Boston Red Sox Home David Wells Loss
Lee Tinsley Opponent Jul 06, 1996 5 0-1 Solo N/A Left-center Boston Red Sox Home Rocky Coppinger Win
Kenny Lofton Opponent Aug 04, 1996 5 0-1 Solo N/A Right Cleveland Indians Away Rocky Coppinger Loss
Geronimo Berroa Opponent Aug 16, 1996 6 0-1 Solo N/A Left Oakland Athletics Away Scott Erickson Win
Lyle Mouton Opponent Sep 11, 1996 8 0-1 Two-run N/A Left Chicago White Sox Home Jesse Orosco Win
Danny Tartabull Opponent Sep 12, 1996 3 0-1 Solo N/A Right-center Chicago White Sox Home Mike Mussina Loss
Bobby Higginson Opponent Sep 13, 1996 8 0-1 Solo N/A Right Detroit Tigers Away Jesse Orosco Win
Brady Anderson Orioles Apr 11, 1996 4 0-0 Solo 388 Right Cleveland Indians Home Orel Hershiser Win
Rafael Palmeiro Orioles Apr 11, 1996 8 0-0 Solo 391 Right-center Cleveland Indians Home Jose Mesa Win
B.J. Surhoff Orioles Apr 13, 1996 8 0-0 Two-run 314 Right Minnesota Twins Home Eddie Guardado Win
Bobby Bonilla Orioles Apr 23, 1996 4 0-0 Two-run 410 Left Cleveland Indians Away Albie Lopez Loss
B.J. Surhoff Orioles May 03, 1996 6 0-0 Solo 394 Right-center Milwaukee Brewers Home Ricky Bones Win
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(Data provided by the Baltimore Orioles)