How well do you know Baltimore?

Whether your family has lived in Charm City for generations, or you're new in town, test your knowledge of Baltimore past and present.

1. Which of the following museums never existed in Baltimore?

Baltimore Museum of Art
  • National Museum of Dentistry
  • Public Works Museum
  • Museum of Incandescent Lighting
  • Museum of Medical Oddities

2. What was the Phoenix Shot Tower's original purpose?

Phoenix Shot Tower
  • To guard against the British
  • Target practice for the Baltimore City police
  • Making shot for rifles
  • Landmark for lost Baltimoreans

3. Which Baltimore restaurant was famous for its art collection?

  • Haussner's
  • Martick's
  • Marconi's
  • Connolly's

4. Who invented Old Bay?

Old Bay
  • An unknown spicer
  • German immigrant Gustav Brunn
  • Maryland entrepreneur Willoughby M. McCormick
  • Chef Cindy Wolf

5. What year was the Great Baltimore Fire?

Great Baltimore Fire
  • 1871
  • 1896
  • 1904
  • 1913

6. Which of these Baltimore public markets is the oldest?

  • Broadway Market
  • Cross Street Market
  • Hollins Market
  • Lexington Market
  • Northeast Market

7. Who created the Male/Female statue at Penn Station?

Male/Female statue
  • Jonathan Borofsky
  • Rebecca Hoffberger
  • Gary Panter
  • Frank Warren

8. Which of the following is not a designated Arts and Entertainment District?

  • Station North
  • Hampden
  • Highlandtown
  • Bromo Tower

9. How did Tide Point get its name?

Tide Point
  • It was the spot where the harbor's tides were historically measured.
  • It was once home to a detergent manufacturing plant.
  • Its waterfront location makes it prone to tidal flooding.
  • It was the site of Baltimore's first tide-powered mill.

10. Which Baltimore museum houses a 10-foot statue of homegrown drag queen Divine?

  • The Baltimore Museum of Art
  • Geppi's Entertainment Museum
  • The Walters Art Museum
  • The American Visionary Art Museum

11. Which of these is Baltimore's tallest building?

Baltimore skyline
  • Baltimore World Trade Center
  • The Belvedere
  • Legg Mason Building
  • Transamerica Tower

12. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, but where does its population rank among all U.S. cities?

  • 11th
  • 26th
  • 41st
  • 53rd
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