6/18 at 10:36 pm: justin_fenton: RT @TheRiler: @justin_fenton Rough couple of days in our 'hood...They're still looking for casings out front.

6/18 at 8:54 pm: justin_fenton: Resident tell me via e-mail that officers were in the block in what seemed like a minute or less after the gunshots (re: Bolton Hill)

6/18 at 8:45 pm: justin_fenton: Reports of shots fired, possible robbery in Bolton Hill (area of 1600 Bolton St). Unconfirmed,but reports via #scanner indicate 2 in custody

6/18 at 6:51 pm: justin_fenton: Walking on Jefferson St. Community's first Citizens on Patrol walk http://t.co/6aiqhxsY

6/18 at 6:04 pm: justin_fenton: Bealefeld telling kids to look out for each other, keep their neighborhood clean http://t.co/LeM2t8be

6/18 at 5:54 pm: justin_fenton: Bealefeld doing his last community walk, in East Baltimore, playing a little football http://t.co/fiwU8hW8

6/18 at 5:27 pm: justin_fenton: .@prezjackyoung urges @MayorSRB to stay in house when selecting next commissioner. "People are in place to keep momentum moving along"

6/18 at 5:25 pm: justin_fenton: Bealefeld honored by City Council.. Councilmembers note he was never seen (with the exception of running a marathon) out of uniform

6/18 at 3:23 pm: justin_fenton: I should probably issue a disclaimer that I helped research that blog post,which may be why its conclusions re: journalism are a bit jarring

6/18 at 2:07 pm: justin_fenton: Flashback, 8/30/11: Police memo: Baltimore prosecutors stalling homicide cases http://t.co/Y65P93OW

6/18 at 1:59 pm: justin_fenton: David Simon says I'm doing a crap job, but it's not my fault. http://t.co/eygCn8XC

6/18 at 12:07 pm: justin_fenton: .@AshleyCrowl Re: Heath ST, I'm told by police that a 46 y/o man was cut in the upper arm during a dispute, suspect is an acquaintance

6/18 at 11:55 am: justin_fenton: Ex-chief of Baltimore City prosecutors' gun unit charged with ... gun violation http://t.co/4Dt3izDj

6/18 at 10:31 am: justin_fenton: RT @TheRiler: @justin_fenton Just got assaulted/robbed last night, corner of Bolton and Wilson (my home). Five youths. Shift change. Los ...

6/18 at 10:30 am: justin_fenton: Scanner: Dispatcher tells police that city will ticket their cars if not properly parked outside Central District..

6/18 at 10:03 am: justin_fenton: .@prezjackyoung to introduce resolution tonight honoring retiring Police Commissioner Bealefeld.Next commish "will have large shoes to fill"

6/18 at 10:00 am: justin_fenton: Linking them to higher levels of crime, Baltimore seeks to strip dozens of liquor stores of their licenses http://t.co/rw0U09pp

6/18 at 6:55 am: justin_fenton: RT @BaltimorePolice: Overnight shooting: 600 block Ellwood Ave. Adult male reported to be shot. Detectives investigating

6/18 at 12:06 am: justin_fenton: Eh I'll tell you about it tomorrow..

6/17 at 8:14 pm: justin_fenton: .@sf21230 Hello - I will check tomorrow