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As of mid-October 2012, the city has issued 1,552,967 automated speed citations. This Baltimore Sun version of the database is limited to speed violations before May 2012; a more rec ent snapshot (including red-light violations) can be found at the Open Baltimore portal. Use the optional dropdown menu to find instances involvin g vehicles from the city fleet.
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It is suggested that users only type partial street names or omit them entirely, since in many cases, street names are only partially spelled in the city database.
Because the city data was provided in two batches, data from 4/20/2012 to 4/23/2012 may be partial or missing. As detailed in the Baltimore Sun series on traffic cameras, multiple sets of conflicting city data exist; for this reason, records in this database may not match data from Open Baltimore or other sources.
Database by Scott Calvert and Patrick Maynard | Information from the Baltimore City Department of Transportation.