Primary Election Summary

Every gubernatorial candidate is required to file reports detailing contributors to their campaign, campaign-related expenses and any loan monies received.

TOTAL SPENDING: $24,800,429
Democrats: $21,518,199
Republicans: $3,282,230
General Election Nominees
Anthony G. Brown

Spent $11,261,328

Cash on hand: $764,447

Larry Hogan

Spent $1,868,097

Cash on hand: $2,428,712

Other Primary Candidates
Douglas F. Gansler
Spent $7,504,450
Heather R. Mizeur
Spent $2,752,421
David R. Craig
Spent $1,023,624
Ron George
Spent $241,738
Charles Lollar
Spent $148,771
How They Spent It
Salaries & compensation
Rent & office supplies
Media & advertising
Printing & campaign materials
Mailings & postage
Fundraising expenses
SOURCE: Maryland State Board of Elections

  1. "Other" expenditures may include field expenses, equipment purchases, transfers, returned contributions, in-kind contributions and miscellaneous expenses. Note: Some figures initially included transfers to related committees. This falsely inflated spending and has been corrected.
  2. Totals do not include spending by active pre-existing committees of running mates for David Craig, Anthony Brown and Douglas Gansler.
  3. Expenditures for losing candidates are calculated from the beginning of the election cycle on Jan. 1, 2011, to the close of the post-primary reporting period on Aug. 19. They may include expenditures made before the candidate decided to run for governor. Some campaign committees may have spending beyond that date as they wind down.
  4. Expenditures for Larry Hogan are those of his primary election committee through Aug. 19. Spending by his new general election committee is not included.
  5. Anthony Brown’s spending is calculated through the primary election June 24. Some spending beyond that date is undoubtedly for primary expenses, but it is difficult to definitively separate primary from general election expenses.